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Point of Care Testing for Strep and Flu

Hopkins Center Drug is now offering Rapid Strep and Flu testing in the store.

These tests will not be covered by insurance, they will be performed on a cash basis. The Strep test cost is $40 and the Flu test cost is $50.

If the rapid test result is positive, we will be able to get you an antibiotic or antiviral prescription following a collaborative agreement we have with a Physician. The prescription medication can be billed to your insurance.

We will perform Strep tests for anyone 5 years and older, and Flu tests for anyone 13 years and older. However, if you are pregnant, or immunocompromised, or if you have a fever greater than 103, you will be ineligible for a rapid test and you must see your Physician or an Urgent Care doctor.

You will only be eligible for a Flu test if your flu-like symptoms started less than 48 hours before you seek testing.

By offering you the availability of these tests through our store, you will be able to save some time and money that you would have spent at Urgent Care. These tests provide an alternative care option for people who are otherwise healthy.

If you have underlying health conditions, you will need to see your primary Physician for appropriate care and diagnosis of your illness.

When you arrive at the store for one of these tests, you will be provided with a mask that we will ask you to wear while you are in the store to help prevent the spread of any germs to others, and you will also fill out a questionnaire about your symptoms to make sure you are eligible for the rapid point of care test.

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